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White victimhood

I wrote about victimhood status on the far left a lot recently. It’s easy to fall in to a victimhood status as a minority with all the mainstream media coverage of police brutality (just or unjust), female opression and bigotry towards other cultures and religions. It’s equally as easy to fall in to a victimhood […]

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Socialism isn’t cool but capitalism will get you demonetized

After getting demonetezed for his video titled “Socialism isn’t cool” Dave Rubin from the Rubin Report added another video titled “Capitalism isn’t cool” of course there wouldn’t be much of a story if that one also got demonetised. So guess what of course it didn’t, wouldn’t write about it if it did. Here’s Rubin’s comment […]

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After beeing stabbed in the back, Marvels Jon Malin speaks up and compares SJW’s to Nazi’s

Anyone that ever taken the trouble to pick up a Marvel comic book would know immediately the franchise has been a very inclusive line-up of superheroes since it’s conception.  The characters were so diverse in fact,…  some heroes didn’t even have any superpowers. There’s a blind man,  daredevil.  Countless characters of color; Bishop, Storm, Black […]