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White victimhood

I wrote about victimhood status on the far left a lot recently. It’s easy to fall in to a victimhood status as a minority with all the mainstream media coverage of police brutality (just or unjust), female opression and bigotry towards other cultures and religions. It’s equally as easy to fall in to a victimhood […]

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Socialism isn’t cool but capitalism will get you demonetized

After getting demonetezed for his video titled “Socialism isn’t cool” Dave Rubin from the Rubin Report added another video titled “Capitalism isn’t cool” of course there wouldn’t be much of a story if that one also got demonetised. So guess what of course it didn’t, wouldn’t write about it if it did. Here’s Rubin’s comment […]

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Beeing on the fence

Is it just me or do more people find themselves sitting on the fence on more and more subjects lately. I’m on that darn thing on so many topics now my alpha sierra sierra is starting to hurt. I seem personally torn between the prevailing position i hold now and the inner devils advocate arguing […]

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The road to cuckolding, the greatest thing since sliced bread and duelling over women

In the last couple of days we were bombarded with articles about the merrits of having another man sleep with your wife. Now even though cuckolding, which these articles praise to be very beneficial for a relationship is portrayed as beeing similar to an open relationship (where both partners are allowed multiple […]

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The truth about Hitler and the nazi’s

For the far left one of the go to ad hominis for anyone right of center is Nazi.  But why do we clasify Nazi’s as right? Hitler’s party identified itself with the acronym NSDAP (Nationalsocialistische deutsche arbeiterspartij),  so they were socialist.  An economic political system usually asociated with the left.  They were also fascist,  an […]