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Evolutionary reasons behind jealousy?

In order for begrudgement to become jealousy one has to have a sense of ownership towards the partners mating behaviour according to the psychology study i’ve picked up recently. For instance if a man sees a woman he wants flirting with another man he can be begrudging towards the him but not jealous. If a man is in a monogamous relationship with a woman he will be jealous towards that same man.

Another example would be A mother seeing another mother beeing affectionate with her daughter can make her begrudging if she doesn’t share the same bond with her own daughter. If she saw her daughter beeing affectionate with her neighbour would make her jealous because she feels some sense of ownership towards her daughters affection.

So if these two arguments hold arent the two obvious evolutionary reasons for these behaviours not acquiring and defending resources? I’m curious what you guys think so leave a comment below.

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