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White victimhood

I wrote about victimhood status on the far left a lot recently. It’s easy to fall in to a victimhood status as a minority with all the mainstream media coverage of police brutality (just or unjust), female opression and bigotry towards other cultures and religions. It’s equally as easy to fall in to a victimhood status as a white person with all the right leaning coverage or unjust villification of white people as an entire race. Is this racist? yes! Is this unjust? of course it is. Should you feel a victim? I recommend against it!

Giving in to victimhood status is giving away power and moral agency. I pointed this out to women and minority groups, now i’m pointing it out to white males. Don’t give away agency and fall into polarisation tactics (left or right). See it for what it is. Remember it isn’t minority groups seeking to villify, it’s a tiny fringe element. It isn’t women hating on men, it’s a tiny fringe element.

Realise that even tho you might feel under attack, and you might well be (same goes for any minority group). If you start to feel victimised it opens the door to a couple of elements of human behaviour that aren’t desirable in the least. It is giving away power, moral agency and it creates resentment towards the “other”.

In my article “The truth about the nazi’s” I wrote about victimhood status beeing the main proponent for Hitler’s rise to power. I also linked it directly to identity politics practiced by the left. Now more and more i am seeing this polarisation and identity politics strategy on the right / far right. This is dangerous and could lead to all out identity war.

The truth about Hitler and the nazi’s

Counter false arguments, raise hell if treated unjust but don’t let yourself get pushed in to a camp. Don’t let our human evolution get pushed back into tribalism. And remember there’s victors and victims. Don’t let yourself be conquerred by mind games.

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