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Jimmy Kimmel so much smarter than Conservatives, who are Too Stupid For Talk Shows

If it isn’t Jimmy Kimmel opening his mouth again about how stupid conservatives are. The man most famous for dragging his own son on stage to make a sentimental political point he can’t even back up with facts is now pointing out his adversaries are to dumb to… read a teleprompter basicly.

Jimmy Kimmel Says Conservatives Are Too Stupid For Talk Shows, One Response SILENCES Him

You see republicans and conservatives are too stupid apparently to read, smile and look pretty in front of a camera unless this god king, bastion of intellect has an emotional appeal to make to these sub par intellectual neanderthals. Then all of a sudden it’s “I think that’s something, wether you are a republican or a democrat or something else we all agree on that allright?”.

Having people who already agree with the arguments written for you by other comedians clap when you spout your nonsense to them doesn’t make you smart Jimmy Kimmel. Pointing out lies by one party and then blatantly repeating lies by it’t counterparty doesn’t make you smart Jimmy Kimmel.

A smart man sees both parties for what they are. And what you now call liberals have become anything BUT smarter than conservatives. In fact,… it’s CLASSICAL liberals and conservatives who make the most sense these days. It’s the center right that uses facts, not feels.

You want to be a smart man Jimmy Kimmel? Start a non vitriolic open discussion with one of your “adversaries”, see how well you fare without you crowd of clapping cattle.

Edit :
Stefan Molyneux brought up a brilliant point.
If you replaced the word conservatives with women he wouldn’t sound very “liberal” all of a sudden now would he?

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