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F1 Grid girls; When feminists find a profession dominated by women… they work to destroy it.

Feminists need a wage gap for their narrative of a toxic patriarchy if they are to sell their ideaology. So what do they do when they find a profitable profession dominated by women, purely on the merrits of beeing a woman? Of course they have to destroy it. I know very well this is a slippery slope argument but if they can shut down a profession enjoyed by loads of women what makes you think it ends there? Cheerleaders, Catwalk models, … it’s all objectifying women. It’s not evil men plotting against women, deciding what professions they can or can’t do it’s feminists themselves.

I stated it rightaway when i read this article,… even tho it stated explicitly “This is not a matter of feminists versus models, which seems to be the way many people want to portray this story.” i then knew that’s exactly what it was.

The title says it all doesn’t it “‘Grid girls’ v feminists: F1 models fight back after role scrapped”

Resentment and jealousy play a big card in those supporting it purely on it’s surface level. Many women (read; I) do not hold to these beauty standards and therefor it’s subjectifying women (read; ME). But the underlying issue is a much more political agenda. These women show that women can be women, and do something they love AND get paid well for doing it. That’s an absolute no-go right when they drum up Carrie Gracie in her “heroic” battle against the “gender” wage gap.

Carrie Gracie didnt want a raise,… she wanted men to earn less. What normal people do when they want to negotiate their salary is point to why they should be paid more, which she did and then accept the pay raise, which she didn’t or renegociate, which she didn’t.

But what it actually means is if you deserve a raise and are confident enough to point that out you can get that raise. Women,… dont blame a wage gap ASK FOR YOUR RAISES and work hard to get them!

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