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Beeing on the fence

Is it just me or do more people find themselves sitting on the fence on more and more subjects lately.
I’m on that darn thing on so many topics now my alpha sierra sierra is starting to hurt. I seem personally torn between the prevailing position i hold now and the inner devils advocate arguing the other side. Do you judge by principle, do jou judge by pure reasoning for the most desireable outcome, do you judge by compassion, understanding?

Do the ends justify the means? If those ends are REALLY REALLY desirable? Would you sacrifice the rights of pedofiles if that meant no more children would be molested?

Do you go purely on principle? If so you cant violate anyones rights ever because you have to be on the moral high ground, principle is principle he cant break it, i cant break it. Because if i can break it so can you. And can i trust you with that?

Do you go on feels… you catch my drift.

Politics on the fence, Religion on the fence,… so what is right, what is wrong and what if i am wrong? Who am i to judge but shouldn’t i just call it how i see it? I dont want to offend but i will,… to some and to them i well i spoke my mind.

Left or right right now not left but in 10 years if they clean their act who knows. It’s getting poetic now 😉

Help those you can of course but start where people need it most. But if someone doesnt want to should we force him?

If condoms aren’t free of charge should we then pay for abortions? Or when the child comes to term without a father or a mother and proper means to support it. It’s not just your own body but the body that’s inside it. If it’s already a life is besides it. It would have been if you left it. But i understand at the very same time demanding someone to carry the child for 9 months is coërcive

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