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The road to cuckolding, the greatest thing since sliced bread and duelling over women

In the last couple of days we were bombarded with articles about the merrits of having another man sleep with your wife.

Now even though cuckolding, which these articles praise to be very beneficial for a relationship is portrayed as beeing similar to an open relationship (where both partners are allowed multiple partners) or swinging (where partners are allowed multiple partners and sometimes one of the partners watches the other having sex) cuckolding takes this to another level.

Cuckolding is one of the two partners who is allowed to have sex with another person while the other watches. It is very common (almost manditory) while this act takes place the one having sex with another person pointing out his or her partners inferiority to the person they are having sex with at that perticular time. Hence interracial sex is most prevalent in the cuckolding scene,… pointing out the length of the other man’s penis beeing SO much bigger than the partners.

Taking to it’s extreme it’s the partner eventually getting pregnant with (breeding) or leaving the other partner entirely for the superior candidate. Usually cuckolding takes place from a wife to stranger perspective. I can’t help wondering if feminists who by en large support this act would feel the same if a man takes his wife’s bff in front of her pointing out she is such a better sex partner and impregnating her in the end.

If any psychologist makes the claim it is a good thing for one of the two partners to be pointed at as inferior and therefor take a subservient rol in a relationship if there is any afterwards i would reccomend heavily against having such a person for a guide in anyone’s relationship. But of course for radical feminists it suits the agenda to claim a dominant rol over men in general very well.

My last blog post; “The Vote, The Draft, Biology And Cultural Evolution” was written in preparation for the following article.

The vote, the draft, biology and cultural evolution

In my latest blog i try to make the case why women vote differently due to the fact it is men who would face the consequences of a “poor vote”.
In fact for some women it might be desireable for the feminized domesticated men to face masculine men from other cultures in battle with them themselves beeing spoils of war.

In fact all through the ages it has been heavily romanticised having 2 men duelling over the hand of a woman.

With all this taken in account in my perspective the immigration “crises” in sweden and germany are basicly cuckolding an entire population. Pointing out that all men are rapists but not a word is to be uttered on the ethnical, cultural and traditional backgrounds of the actual perpetrators.

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