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The truth about Hitler and the nazi’s

For the far left one of the go to ad hominis for anyone right of center is Nazi.  But why do we clasify Nazi’s as right?

Hitler’s party identified itself with the acronym NSDAP (Nationalsocialistische deutsche arbeiterspartij),  so they were socialist.  An economic political system usually asociated with the left.  They were also fascist,  an authoritarian system usually assigned to the right.  They were antisemitic,  which is nothing more or less than a hatred for jews,  yet somehow linked to the right.  They were Nationalist which would technically fall under a right wing system.  You could say it has it’s start in collectivism and postmodernism which both fall under left wing on the political spectrum.

And this is the problem with indexing political ideaologies on a left to right spectrum.  Where do you place a complex political system like the Nazi party and if you do place them on the right,…  why are the simularities between the Nazi party and the progressive left so enormously large?

Triggerwarning: Time to go trigglypuff,  cover your ears and go reeeeeeee.

The main reason Hitler had his chance to rise to power was the victimhood sentiment among the german citizens.  They felt the jews had too much power and abused that power in detriment to the german people.

It is this victimhood mentality that can be found in every collectivist subgroup found on the left.  In modern times it is the left with the highest concentration of anti-semitic sentiment.  Recently you can add an anti-white and anti-male sentiment in the mix.

It is currently the left that even though they identify themselves as democrats,  have the highest concentration of fascistic thinking.  The state must push our MINORITY agenda in detriment of the majority.  This is the exact opposite thinking of democracy,  which in itself is nothing more than mob rule but more about that in a later topic.

It is the left that currently tries to silence descent and oposes freedoms of speech and association.  Under the banner of hatespeech freedom of speech is shut down.  And the usage of phobias dictates even to the extent of who you are required to kiss and date.

Were the nazi’s left or right?  It is an answer too complex to answer in my opinion but lately it is the far left with ideaologies closest to the Nazi’s.

If i missed any relevant information,  if something is incorrect leave a comment in the comment section and i will dive into it.  Have an awesome day!

Addition : Here’s a vid pointing out why Fascism is actually a system on the left, founded by a student of Marx

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