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Mainstream media victim tactics appears to be the new standard

Not one day after I pointed out the mainstream media’s approach of handling defeat against Jordan Peterson in the interview with Cathy Newman by blaming him of sending his minions to threaten her,  now CNN’s Don Lemon takes the exact same approach against Donald Trump.

Never does a victory against a “progressive” go unpunished

In the following Daily Wire article you can read how CNN’s Don Lemon,  avid anti trump propagandist accused him of being responsible for creating a climate where threats made by a disgruntled teenager could materialize.


Somehow pointing out the mainstreams blatant left leaning bias and calling them for what they are “fake news” is secretly advocating violence according to Don Lemon.

“There’s nothing random about this. Nothing. This is what happens when the president of the United States, Donald Trump, repeatedly attacks members of the press simply for reporting facts he does not like. The president, just this morning, blasting our very own Jim Acosta and calling CNN “fake news,” a charge he has leveled at the press, not just CNN, over and over.”

Fake news,…  a term coined by the mainstream media for every news source in support of trump, you wonder where it came from?  Take a hard look in the mirror.

One line in the speech directed to Trump stood out to me as beeing false on multiple levels; “We are not the enemy; we are not trying to silence you.”

Yes you were, you have always tried and you probably will continue to do so.
And neither was Trump trying to silence you,  he pointed out lies by CNN just as CNN pointed out lies by Trump.  Beleive me if the president wanted to silence you,  there would be no CNN.  There would not be any impeach Trump posters, adds and newscampaigns.

The president you claim to be such a dictator gives you way more free speech than you give him credit for.  It is you trying to silence an opinion.  Not your president.  Pun intended!

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