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Never does a victory against a “progressive” go unpunished

Dont we all love those caring all inclusive progressives.  That is unless you hold a differing view,  are well educated on the facts,  have a high iq and dare whoop one of theirs in a public debate.

Jordan Peterson debates gender pay gap

Last week the internet was treated to a meme goldmine in the shape of the debate with Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman on the pay gap and the patriarchy.  In all fairness Jordan Peterson was absolutely right in stating Cathy Newman did the right thing in putting him on the spot.  That’s not where it ended and where it didn’t end is where it all went horribly wrong.

Not 2 days later the media,  of whom we all know having a left leaning bias would be an understatement of monumental scale started releasing articles about how alt right Jordan Peterson’s minions harassed and threatened Cathy Newman.  I have no doubt this woman received a lot of vitriolic comments and possibly threats but linking that to Jordan Peterson whom had nothing to gain by having this woman harassed what so ever is deeply appaling to me.

After hearing about this Dr Peterson released a statement to his followers to please not bother this woman,  yet somehow this got construed into an admission these individuals acted upon his wishes to do so somehow.

This has unfortunately become a standard tactic in defeat by the left whom at one point in time were advocates of free speech and expression.  I am deeply sorry to see them in the sadened state they are now but it has to stop if anyone is going to take their voices seriously in the future.

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