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Everything we were tought about the crusades was wrong

I remember back in school when we were tought the crusades were nothing more than a muslim genocide attempt by the evil Catholic Christians.  In this article i will point out why this is a completely false narrative but first i will start by stating the best lie is of course based on mostly facts.

A good point to start I think would be to point out where this narrative (because that’s what it is) has it’s basis in fact.  It is absolutely true that after the first wave the west did not send it’s most moral people to fight in a war that got very cruel very fast.  The Roman Catholic church used a waver system for sins which “guaranteed” those that paid or fought in the crusades automatically got forgiven for any sin commited in the past.  This in fact is nothing more or less than the marterdom system we so judge in Islam.  Hence it was mostly murderers,  thieves,  wife beaters and rapists that went to fight in the second and third wave.

It’s also true this was the war where conventional rules of engagement regarding prisoners of war were tossed out by both parties involved.  Watch the 2 part documentary “the crescent and the cross” for a pretty balanced portrayal of the crusades.

Now where the truth diverges from the narrative,  tought in schools all through the west is the motivating factor for these gruesome wars.  We were tought it was an attempt by the west to conquer places we had no business beeing.  Not a word the most contended areas were the 5 most holiest places of Christianity taken by force,  looted,  plundered and it’s women raped more than 400 years earlier.

Even more not a word about the arab end goal of conquering the whole of Europe if no push back was given.  And push back is exactly what it was.  If one understands geopolitics one will very soon understand it’s the proxy wars far beyond a nations borders that guarantee a nation from beeing conquered in the future.  (remember the whole of north afrika and turkey were once christian territories,  some taken by force but most by spreading the word).

By no means do i lay blame at either of these parties.  Empires always have an expansionist nature and some wars fought to expand it’s borders are more gruesome than others.  The stronger both parties are the worse these artrocities get.  So if anything one has to say this was a war fought by two extremely powerful forces.

There’s only one mayor difference between both parties which is the strong in group preference by the muslim party,  unwilling to admit any wrongdoing ever done in it’s name.  And an almost out group preference by the west,  blaming all wrongdoing on itself.  This mentality is extremely harmful in the long run and i would advise strongly against it if we value our western values enough to want it to survive in the future.

If you like this article please leave a comment,  agree or disagree point out where i went wrong or where i left out relevant information.  Have an awesome day!


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