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After beeing stabbed in the back, Marvels Jon Malin speaks up and compares SJW’s to Nazi’s

Anyone that ever taken the trouble to pick up a Marvel comic book would know immediately the franchise has been a very inclusive line-up of superheroes since it’s conception.  The characters were so diverse in fact,…  some heroes didn’t even have any superpowers.

There’s a blind man,  daredevil.  Countless characters of color; Bishop, Storm, Black panther, The green lantern (at one point).  Very powerfull female characters; Jean gray, She hulk, Captain marvel,  Storm, Ms Marvel, Psylocke.  There’s Rich and poor,  Big and small, Happy and dark characters.  But if you aren’t interested in Comics it’s easy to assume all the characters are preppy white kids and here lies the problem with the SJW community.

If you listen to Aneeta Sarkeesian “Everything’s sexist,  everything’s racist and it ALL has to be pointed out”.  Well of course the SJW community did without having any interest in comic books what so ever (same goes with gaming).

Countless articles appeared about how marvel was not inclusive enough,  sexist,  racist and needed to change.

Marvel’s cinematic diversity problem

Of course the demand for even more diverse characters arose quickly from transgender characters (which if anyone would have bothered to check there were allready multiple varieties),  phat characters (same) and others.

All of this wouldn’t have been a problem if after Marvel catered to the outcries these communities would have massively supported Marvel by buying these comic books but in stead,…  they abandoned the comic book realm after victory and left the company to die from the knife inflicted wound in it’s back.

Is Marvel Comics Dying? August 2017 Comic Book Sales Plunge 25% From August 2016

It comes as no surprise Jon Malin got fed up with SJW politics and eventually compared them to Nazi’s, a slur they usually use to silence any opposition be it the far right or anyone with thoughts anything slightly right of straight up communism.

Marvel Artist Jon Malin Sparks Controversy By Comparing ‘SJWs’ to Nazis

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