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Sexbots are sexist, but only if they’re female

Insecurities plague our human nature,  both male and female suffer from the desire to match beauty standards which are in fact completely subjective.  For every bodytype there’s a person that likes it and a person that doesn’t.  Same goes for ethnicity,  facial features,  even gender.

With the rise of the infamous sexbot a lot of controversy rose up from the depths of the twitterverse about it beeing completely sexist and detrimental to women.  Why?  Aren’t men just as insecure about the size of their appendage as women are about their boobs?  Or is there more at play?

We all know, in general it is women that have nightcabins full of toys.  Why is it men have to settle for a fleshlight or an inflatable sheep?  Could it be there’s an element of sexual power at play?

Is it possible that by holding sex as a POSSIBLE reward or witholding it as punishment women control men into white knighting,  abandoning principles and even turning against one and other?

When you do a simple comparison between google searches “female sex bot sexist” and “male sex bot sexist” you only come across articles confirming the first?  Women would and have jumped on the opportunity to have a silent bed partner now it arose yet they condemn the market for even offering the same to men.

Page after page appears on both search terms about how FEMALE sex bots are sexist but nowhere do you find a single page about Male sex bots beeing anything but the greatest invention since bread,  fire or the vibrator.

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