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CNN and democrats play blame game on government shutdown

The democrats want a DACA bill with no strings attached.  Unwilling to conceide ANY ground.  Understandably not to the wall but not to prevent chain immigration as well.

The democrats also want CHIP funded and set up exactly as they want it with NO concessions.

Trump did what he could to stay true to his voter base AND concede towards democrats in ways they would NEVER have presumed possible.

On this perticular issue,  trump was willing to GIVE the CHIP bill in return for a continuüm of government but the democrats fucked over their own voter base (policy wise) and opted not to take the CHIP bill just to have the government shut down (which would indicate a lack of leadership on Trumps part).

Is there a lack of leadership on Trump’s part,…  in certain ways there is.  Republicans were told to “figure it out” on multiple occasions.

Unfortunately for CNN and the democrat party the American people as a whole see the government shutdown for what it truelly is.  A spitefull retaliation to a man they deam racist and mysogenist.

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