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Is dating preference transphobic?

A lot of controversy has arizen surrounding Ginuwine’s refusal to accept a kiss from transwoman India Willoughby on big brother recently.

The twitterverse (which i am proudly no longer any part of other than checking for trends) was set on fire with the one singular question;  “Is it transphobic not to kiss / date a trans woman?”.

Gavin McInnes has a tactic of inquery called “follow it through” which i think would be the perfect approach for this perticular matter and i will do so only by asking you the questions so you can decide your own stance on the matter.

Is it transphobic not to date a transwoman?  What if she is hot,…  is she CIS phobic for not dating a straight man if she happens to also be a lesbian? (I know it confuses the hell out of me too) Is it then by definition also racist for a white girl not to date a black man?  How about a black girl,  is she racist if she happens not to be attracted to white men? Should the person that feels rejected take offense?  Should bystanders take offense?  And finally should we shun anyone for his or her dating preferences?  And if so what does this mean for the whole #metoo movement?  Or does no only mean no under certain circumstances?

Fairly well balanced article on BBC (who knew,  it’s possible) on the matter.

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