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Is it still ok to be white?

5 words on a paper stirred controversy lately why did the words “it’s ok to be white” stir up such controversy?  What makes it any different than the “black lives matter” movement?

Let’s dive in the latter first,  why was it so wrong to say “All lives matter”?  And if that sentiment was implied as many people stated but just to attract attention to matters concerning mostly the black community,  could the exact same not be said for the phrase “it’s ok to be white”?

Never did anyone say “Black lives don’t matter” and to make matters even worse,  if you do not accept the premiss by which BLM operates (all altercations between black men and cops were to be blamed on racism) or it’s modus operandi,  the use of violence you were automatically claimed to not care about black lives,… at all.

For the past year we had to hear EVERY white person is racist,  we’ve seen articles advocating genocide and now in reaction to this very basic statement the media’s answer is very clear,…  NO IT’S NOT OK TO BE WHITE,…

Of course pointing out a whole race of people is a genetic abomination is the best way to start a conversation about THAT exact race’s racism towards other races.

Ciccariello-Maher needs protection from the white people he called for to be exterminated.  Perhaps he forgot his antifa students he counted on for protection were prominently white misguided kids themselves?  Or perhaps he didnt take in account his own kids were also white?

This video of the man saving the rabbit (and that is an exact description of the video in it’s full extent.  A man saving a *** rabbit) captures everything WRONG WITH WHITENESS in 30 seconds.  Need elaborating?

Then Eminem comes on saying he is so ashamed of beeing white he would rather kill himself.  Not even going there!

In this NY Times article,  the author asks if his children can be friends with white people,…  to which the answer according to this loving father is… NO!

In this State news article,  the author goes out of her way as to explain why it is not ok to be white.

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