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Sexbots are sexist, but only if they’re female

Insecurities plague our human nature,  both male and female suffer from the desire to match beauty standards which are in fact completely subjective.  For every bodytype there’s a person that likes it and a person that doesn’t.  Same goes for ethnicity,  facial features,  even gender. With the rise of the infamous sexbot a lot of […]

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F1 Grid girls; When feminists find a profession dominated by women… they work to destroy it.

Feminists need a wage gap for their narrative of a toxic patriarchy if they are to sell their ideaology. So what do they do when they find a profitable profession dominated by women, purely on the merrits of beeing a woman? Of course they have to destroy it. I know very well this is a […]

Socialism isn’t cool but capitalism will get you demonetized

The road to cuckolding, the greatest thing since sliced bread and duelling over women

The vote, the draft, biology and cultural evolution

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Evolutionary reasons behind jealousy?

In order for begrudgement to become jealousy one has to have a sense of ownership towards the partners mating behaviour according to the psychology study i’ve picked up recently. For instance if a man sees a woman he wants flirting with another man he can be begrudging towards the him but not jealous. If a […]